Magical Succulents

Did you know that the general term succulent includes many different varieties of plants, including some common ones people don’t think of when they hear the word succulents? Agave, aloe and all cactus are succulents.

These wonderful and widely varied plants have been around for ages and in folklore were thought to ward off evil spirits so people used to plant them on their thatched roofs. Since they need little water and have a shallow root system, they would thrive creating roof top gardens.

Since succulents store water in their fleshly leaves, they need to be watered less than many other plants and actually go dormant in the winter months, needing even less water. These drought friendly plants are super easy to take care of; a sunny location and a bit of water, more or less, depending on the time of year.

Don’t think you have a green thumb? Then this is a good plant to start with, just follow the care instructions, which are super simple and you will have a thriving succulent garden in no time!


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